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Healthy Legacy, Toxic Chemicals 2009
Materials used for March 2009  LWVMpls study of toxic chemicals in products and informational for all of our members and friends.

Online Resources:
City of Minneapolis Sustainability web site and Sustainability report

Models for Protecting the Environment for Future Generations - a paper published in October 2008 by the Science and Environmental Health Network and The International Human Rights Clinic at Harvard Law School

Website of the Healthy Legacy consortium of Minneapolis

Environmental Threats to Healthy Aging - a major report released on October 23 by Science and Environmental Health Network, in conjunction with Greater Boston Physicians for Social Responsibility

Lead, Other Chemicals Remain in Toys - article from Star Tribune December 2008

Downloadable Files:

Get Acrobat Reader  Discussion Guide  
Introduction to Unit discussions and related materials.
Get Acrobat Reader  February Voter Article  
Introduction to the issues surrounding toxic chemicals in products.
Get Acrobat Reader  March Voter Article  
More information about the issues and the forum
Get Acrobat Reader  Toxic Inaction (October 2007)  
An article in Harper's Magazine, October, 2007, by Mark Schapiro, editor of the Center for Investigative Reporting, describing the flaws in current U.S. regulatory policy toward toxic chemicals in products and framing the case for better public policy
Get Acrobat Reader  Toxic Free Kids Act (01/13/20098)  
A fact sheet about the Toxic Free Kids Act and reasoning behing the bill. The Chemicals pyramid graphic is a valuable image in understanding the phase out priority given to a variety of chemicals.
Get Acrobat Reader  BPA Free Baby Products (01/13/2009)  
A fact sheet describing the BPA-free Baby Products bill and the reasons for it
Get Acrobat Reader  Bisphenol-A Bill Language (01/09/2009)  
This bill is to protect the health of children, prohibiting bisphenol-A in children's products. HF326 Rep Karen Clark and SF247 Sen Sandra Rummel
Get Acrobat Reader  Toxic Free Kids Act Bill (01/05/2009)  
This is a bill to protect children from toxic chemicals in products, authorizing the Pollution Control Agency to designate priority chemicals of high concern and require replacement with safer alternatives. HF250, Rep. Kate Knuth and SF225, Sen. Linda Scheid
 Thissen Bill (02/02/2009)  
This bill relating to the environment would create an advisory council on development and regulation of consumer products.
Get Acrobat Reader  Take Action! Ten Meaningful Ways to Protect Children's Health  
Ten steps you can take to get involved with these issues
Get Acrobat Reader  Healthy Lives Healthy Minds (November 2008)  
A power point presentation given by Kathleen Schuler at the Healthy Lives Healthy Minds conference in Mls in November, 2008.
Get Acrobat Reader  Price of Pollution: Executive summary (2006)  
A power point presentation of Cost Estimates of Environment-Related Childhood Disease in Minnesota
Get Acrobat Reader  House bans lead from children's toys (07/30/2008)  
Star Tribune reporters tell how a Minneapolis 4-year -old's death from lead poisoning sparked a move for product safety. The article relates his story and the bipartisan legislative actin on the national level.
Get Acrobat Reader  Congress Passes Toy Safety Standards on Lead and Phthalates in a Major Victory for Healthy Children and Healthy Toys (08/01/2008)  
This press release from the Healthy Legacy coalition of Minneapolis describes legislative action regionally and nationally, citing the efforts of US Senator Amy Klobuchar and Minnesota Senator Sandy Rummel, and the veto by Minnesota Governor Pawlwnty.
Get Acrobat Reader  Landmark Federal Ban on Phthalates in Toys Takes Effect (02/09/2009)  
Parents, health advocates cheer; warn that proper implementation requires overhaul of Consumer Product Safety Commission leadership.